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Animal Status Declaration (MyOSPRI)
Animal Status Declaration (MyOSPRI)

Creating ASDs from within MINDA

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When sending animals to meat processors or moving between properties, the Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) is required to complete an Animal Status Declaration form (ASD). The ASD captures important information about the animals being moved such TB status, treatments the animals received in their lifetime, withholding periods etc.

How does the integration work?

If you've opted in for LIC to be your NAIT Information Provider, you can connect your MINDA & MyOSPRI accounts to create and send ASDs from within MINDA. ASDs are sent directly to MyOSPRI meaning you're able complete all your animal movement requirements (Removal Event & ASD) in one place.

Is there anything I need to do in MyOSPRI?

Before you connect with OSPRI, we recommend checking that you first have a MyOSPRI account that's set up correctly and have access to a location. If your account isn't set up, ASDs will not be sent to MyOSPRI correctly. Check out the links below for more help.

Note: If you need help creating your MyOSPRI account, phone the OSPRI Support Centre on 0800 482 463.

How do I set up the integration?

For detailed steps on how to set up the integration, check out our article Setting up MINDA & MyOSPRI.

Where do I create and view ASDs in MINDA?

In MINDA, we've added a new page called Manage ASD. From here you can view, create and manage all your ASDs. To manage your ASDs head into Event Recorder > Manage ASD. On this page you can:

  • Create ASDs

  • View, edit & download submitted ASDs

  • Manage draft ASDs

  • Filter by date, location or status

  • Search for ASDs

  • View archived ASDs

Disconnecting MINDA & OSPRI

If for any reason you need to disconnect from OSPRI, you can do this from within the Partners Page.

Step 1. Open the Manage Partners page

Head into the Partners page and find the OSPRI tile. Click on the 3 dots and select Disconnect.

Step 2. Remove access

Make sure to check that you don't have any unsubmitted ASDs that need to be sent to MyOSPRI otherwise continue with the disconnection process. Once successful, you'll be returned to the Partners Page and the OSPRI tile will show the Connect button.

Step 3. Remove access in OSPRI

Log into your MyOSPRI account and click your name > Your profile.

Select Authorised Apps and on this page, you should see LIC. Click Revoke Access to remove LIC.

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